What Is Adventure?

I think people often view “adventure” as one of those abstract things that they aren’t able to attain. That it’s only for the “lucky”. One could almost be insulted because they know far too well that it’s not luck at all that they do what they do, but rather sacrifice and determination. Somehow, people attribute “adventure”  to “requiring money”… Money they don’t have. And time… Time they don’t have. And thus they withstand from pursuing adventure and settle for aspiring for it. Someday. If only. Hopefully. These are words and phrases that don’t co-mingle in the mind of an adventurer.

But what is adventure exactly? I believe adventure is for everyone and that anyone can enjoy it. It might mean and be slightly different from person to person – there are no set boundaries. Adventure is simply stepping out of your comfort zone.


It doesn’t have to be a big trip or require moving to a different state or country. It doesn’t mean hotel rooms and plane tickets. It just means doing something, anything, different from what you’re used to. It means thinking creatively to make it work, even if it isn’t Plan A.

This leads me to the next idea of what some folks think adventure as – I can relate fairly well to it too. There are a lot of blog posts about how to quit your job and travel… And why you should do it NOW. And those are great! That could be all someone needs to read to kickstart their inspiration. But I think it can be almost counter productive too… Giving people a false impression that THAT is what adventure truly is. In reality, like I’ve already stated, adventure is many things and never only one thing. People, with the type of mindset similar to mine, can think if they can’t move, quit their job, take time off or afford to buy gear, then they just shouldn’t try at all… This, I think, is the common roadblock for most. The common sayings “go big or go home” and “it’s all or nothing” can be detrimental to inspiring an adventurous spirit in someone.

Instead, I focus on a different outlook. Have goals and aspirations for big plans, but never be afraid to settle for smaller, “less exciting” ones – they can prove just as adventurous and just might surprise you how enjoyable and profitable they can be to you. (And I’ll let you in on a little secret — once you start doing smaller adventures, it becomes contagious. You begin thinking and get excited about what you’ll do next.)

Just do something. Make the most of what you do have. And don’t ever wait around for the perfect timing because what we deem “perfect” will never be. We’re imperfect people living in an imperfect world.


So what do I mean by doing something? I mean squeezing in an experience despite all you have going on. Going on a weekend trip or just a single overnight excursion. Get outdoors after a long day at work. Pushing yourself and believing you can do more than what people or even yourself is saying that you can do.

Again, I’m not here to tell you WHAT to do, but simply to do. Fresh air can do wonders for the mind, heart and soul. Adventure can teach so many lessons and help one become a better version of who they already are. You can gain self-confidence and formulate new perspectives. Plus, you won’t be able to stop smiling afterwards!

How are you feeding your adventurous side? And what other advice do you have to those who don’t think they can do it?

And to those of you who want to be more adventurous, but have reservations… Enlighten me on what you’re hung up on. How can I better inspire you to go explore?

Feature Image: Enjoying the morning sunrise in Thomson Falls, Montana. Photo Credit: Fallen Tree


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Advocate for wildlife, land, bicycling, curiosity and deep thinking | Nebraskan currently based in the Tetons