Through exploring and experiences, adventuring and adversity, you learn things about yourself. You stumble upon life’s gems, only to reveal what you still must discover. These teach you to accept the current circumstances and adapt to overcome them.

Through this process, whether in a day hike, an overnight bikepacking ride or a week-long excursion in the mountainous backcountry, perspective is developed and understanding is created. You learn that where you thought you wanted to go was not where you should go. You learn that changed plans don’t mean an altered purpose, though perhaps your purpose evolves too. You discover how your weaknesses can compliment your strengths. That the pattern of life is ever changing and never stagnant. And how one shouldn’t be afraid of what is ahead, but rather press on anticipating the intersections of trail we call “life”.

This is the product of travel and adventure. This is the Destination Reroute.